Shared Services

The Eight Lakes Shared Services is focused on delivering a unique experience to our group members in order to help them achieve their goals. By combining our expertise within one Shared Services organisation we pursue to optimise our processes and improve our efficiency. Our members profit as they are supported by a professional organisation enabling them to focus on their customers and core business.

The key competences of the Eight Lakes Shared Services are:

And our supporting services:

Global Logistics & Warehousing

Part of our added value are our logistic & warehousing services which we provide for our members enabling them to deliver their goods when, where and how their customers need them. We accumulated a very comprehensive knowledge of duties, transportation fees, cost optimisation and of where and how to avoid problems and bottlenecks. Even the labeling and coding of shipments and products can be done to custom specifications. We are certified as a Known Consignor, IATA Accredited Agent and AEO-F(ull).

AEO-F Certification

Our AEO-F certificate ensures our customers that our members are the right partner in storing, handling and transporting their products. AEO-F is an internationally recognized quality mark indicating that our role in the international supply chain is secure and that our customs controls and procedures are secure and compliant. It’s not mandatory, but it gives quicker access to certain simplified customs procedures and in some cases the right to ‘fast-track’ our shipments through customs and security procedures. The AEO-F status is for businesses that are established in the EU and are actively involved in customs operations and international trade and have an Economic Operator Registration and Identification (EORI) number. The EU AEO database allows anyone to check who holds an AEO-F status, what type it is, and the date and country of issue. AEO-F is also internationally recognized as an equivalent of C-TPAT.

Incoterms 2020

From January 1, 2020, all members of the Eight Lakes group transactions are subject to our general terms and Incoterms ® 2020. Incoterms are rules for establishing and agreeing on the mutual trade relations, drawn up by the International Chamber of Commerce.

These Incoterms are the same all over the world and regulate the rights and obligations between trading parties. The rules specify who should insure the goods to what point and at what point the risk for the goods is incurred by another party. Incoterms does not regulate the transfer of ownership, this is regulated by our terms and conditions,

Competence Center

Assembly & configuration

Part of the Eight Lakes Shared Services offering is Assembly & configuration services, executed at our Competence Centre. We offer several services as added value to our product ranges. We configure, assemble, test and package customized products, offer thermal consultancy services, maintain an EMI validation service and lab and house an engineering facility.

Built to Order Systems

With Build-to-Order Systems, we mean exactly what the label suggests. Computer systems custom-built specifically for you, with full freedom of choice in terms of the platform, implementation, housing and expandability options. Are you a designer or builder of automated applications, but would you rather not be involved in the construction of the required computers? Then we have the answer to your needs. Also other custom configured products are possible like motors with the right gearboxes attached.

EMI Services & Lab

With electricity comes Electro Magnetic Interference. Most applications, machines or even components will eventually need some kind of shielding, either to protect them from EMI or to prevent them from transmitting it. We offer pre-compliancy and validation testing, as well as the opportunity to rapidly check prototype products on EMC. Thus, we help you getting your product to market sooner, better and more economically.

Engineering Facility

We maintain an engineering facility as part of our Competence Centre. Here, we can assist you in developing and prototyping assemblies, enclosures or components in function of you application. Using the industry standard SolidWorks 3D modelling software, we save massively on development time and time-to-market, not mentioning money.


Everything for a well-oiled machine

The mission of team Atlantis is to make the Eight Lakes group as a whole more effective, enabling all companies within the group to develop as an organization. We encourage collaboration and ensure that people, processes and resources are ready for change.

What Atlantis does

Atlantis’ activities are divided into five functional areas:

  • Strategy and leadership
    A successful organisation demands a strong strategy and effective leadership. We ensure that strategies and plans are designed and implemented and help develop leadership skills. We create opportunities to increase organisational effectiveness.
  • Structure and processes
    We help improve end-to-end and operational processes, optimise the Eight Lakes Business Management System and foster communication, collaboration and results by activating the knowledge network of Smart Drivers and Experts.
  • Learning and talent
    Atlantis ensures that people have the skills and knowledge to perform and develop. We make educational information accessible, ensure that knowledge can be shared and guide talent in their development as Experts.
  • People and culture
    We encourage and facilitate cooperation to endorse our core values.
  • Technology and tools
    We contribute to improving the technology and tools needed to allow the organisation work effectively and to facilitate collaboration. Atlantis ensures that employees have quick and intuitive access to colleagues, information and knowledge.

Eight Lakes Business Management System

A core task of Atlantis is to maintain and continuously improve the Eight Lakes Business Management System. We do this together with process owners and experts. Is a change in the system necessary? If so, team Atlantis takes immediate action. We ensure that the system is always up-to-date and in excellent condition, and that all components are easily accessible.

Optimise and grow

Team Atlantis is an important part of the Eight Lakes group and we work hard to optimise and grow the organisation. We are always looking for new opportunities and challenges and are eager to contribute to the development of the group.


IT supports the Eight Lakes members on all their needs and requirements for IT related services. They provide and support the necessary hard- and software for their daily operations, from laptops to printers and mobile communications..

The members and their customers benefit from the joint Microsoft Dynamics AX ERP & CRM backbone. This improves the operations of our members enabling them to be more efficient. Also we are able to provide our members to connect to their main customers via EDI link services. Via their websites we offer professional RMA services and Business Portal where customers can find their transaction history and documents.


A team of marketing professionals support our members in their daily operations by delivering support for their events, advertising, online campaigns and other marketing activities. With a small and dedicated team all essential marketing services are provided. They help their members to gain more insight into their customer data thus improving the services they offer for their customers.

Our Ecommerce platform enables their customers to order their goods quickly and efficient online. Or ask for a quotation if they need specific goods or quantities. The state-of-the-art platform also gives all customers insight into their business documents like order confirmations, invoices, etc.


The Eight lakes group offers substantial added value in terms of financial services and securities and a very solid negotiating position with global credit insurance companies.


Our A-status guarantees financial stability. That’s why you know you can depend on the members of the Eight Lakes group in the long run, enabling you to confidently offer their products and services to your clients.

Contract Management

Contract management is an important part of our financial and logistic services. We negotiate the best conditions for our customers, based on your ordering history, future prognoses and financial possibilities. We can keep consigned stock for you and will keep an eye on your order frequency, prognoses, future needs and ordering patterns. Thus, we make sure you will never run out of the products you need and you will get the best possible conditions.

Human Resources

The Eight Lakes Shared Services HR department professionalizes the HR activities of our members. They actively support the members with recruiting the right professionals for their open vacancies. By using the right channels and assisting in the entire process from job application placement to hire and training the new employees in their first months.

Also legal and other HR tasks are handled by Shared Services. With a centralized employee program they watch over the health and safety of our employees and help them with work related issues.

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