Management System

Proof of quality

The companies of the Eight Lakes group stand for quality. The Eight Lakes Business Management System (BMS) enables that. This internally developed system provides structure, tools, knowledge and support needed to systematically take the organisational structure and all business processes to the next level, using a single access point.

This is what the Business Management System offers

The Eight Lakes BMS is based on four important pillars:

1. Strategic alignment

The BMS helps to establish a strategic framework and following an annual cycle. The strategic plan translates challenges to specific goals for the upcoming years and clarifies which steps need to be taken to achieve those goals. The year planning cycle ensures that actions are taken,  evaluated at the right time, and that plans will be adjusted when necessary.

2. Connected organisation

Our most valuable asset? Without a doubt our employees, who possess a great amount of knowledge, skills and competences that keep our organization running. This value increases tremendously when employees across companies and departments inspire each other and share ideas, best practices, knowledge and skills. The business management system facilitates this, for example, with the Smart Driver & Expert network.

3. Continuous Improvement

A key characteristic of quality is that companies can continuously improve. The BMS offers various analysis and improvement methods for project-based analysis and process improvement. Progress is discussed during meetings with a fixed periodic planning. This ensures that problems and challenges are addressed in a structured and project-based manner.

4. Core stability

Processes and agreements are documented for each department of every company. A complete description and implementation of those processes in our companies provides ‘core stability’ that allows us to meet stakeholder expectations. To maintain a clear structure of all processes, they have been grouped into ‘building blocks’ within our BMS. Team Atlantis manages the structure, ensures quality and maintains an up-to-date and complete overview of all processes.

In trusted hands

Team Atlantis manages, maintains and develops the BMS. This team can implement and validate changes and ensures that the system is always up-to-date and in excellent condition. To do this, Atlantis collaborates closely with the Experts and Smart Drivers within the Eight Lakes group.

ISO Cerfication

ISO certified

The BMS is a vital system for Eight Lakes and its members. With good reason, the Atlantis team, which is responsible for management, maintenance and development, reports directly to our CEO. In addition, the system is certified in accordance with ISO 9001:2015 for quality management systems. This means that our BMS is regularly and independently audited ensuring quality for our customers.

Quality Policy

Each company focuses on quality and has the following goals:

Satisfied customers

The quality of our products and services has to meet the requirements and wishes of our customers.

Continuous improvement

All the companies in the Eight Lakes group are continuously improving their processes to add value for our customers, suppliers and partners.

Qualified suppliers

We work closely together with a specific selection of companies that pursue the same quality goals and have a monitoring system in place to guarantee the delivery of qualified products and services.

Responsible employees

At Eight Lakes, our employees are important partners. Therefore, we encourage personal development and open communication. We empower our employees to focus on quality in their work, supported by our business management system.

Download the ISO-certificates here in pdf-format

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