Eight Lakes Timelines


  • MechaTronix Inc. Foundation

    Foundation of MechaTronix Inc.

  • Eltrex France Foundation

    Foundation of Eltrex France

  • MechaTronix Europe Foundation

    Foundation of MechaTronix Europe

  • Eight Lakes Shared Services

    Foundation of Eight Lakes Shared Services

  • EltrexPro Foundation

    Foundation of EltrexPro

  • Eltrex Motion Foundation

    Foundation of Eltrex Motion

  • MechaTronix Kaohsiung Foundation

    Foundation of MechaTronix Kaohsiung

  • Eight Lakes group

    Foundation of Eight Lakes group by Yannic De Coninck

  • Wonderware Benelux Foundation

    Foundation of Wonderware Benelux

  • Succession

    Yannic De Coninck succeeds his father

  • Rodax

    Foundation of Rodax by Ludwig De Coninck

  • Telerex

    Foundation of Telerex by Ludwig De Coninck


Acquisitions & Spin-offs

  • Wonderware Scandinavia

    The Eight Lakes group acquires Wonderware Scandinavia

  • Luxendi

    The Eight Lakes group acquires Luxendi, which merges with Telerex LED

  • Rodax

    The Eight Lakes group acquires Rodax

  • Cooling House

    The Eight Lakes group acquires Cooling House, an engineering firm in Taipei, specialised in high end thermal solutions

  • MDP

    The Eight Lakes group acquires MDP Electronics, which becomes Cats Power Design

  • CATS

    The Eight Lakes group acquires CATS

  • Eltromat

    The Eight Lakes group acquires Eltromat, merging it with Telerex motion Solutions and thus giving birth to Eltrex Motion.